Readers as teachers of the faith

Paula Gooder is a British theologian and Reader, who specialises in the New Testament She is Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral. Paula has previously taught at two theological colleges, Ripon College Cuddesdon and The Queen’s Foundation, served as Theologian … Read More

Second chair leadership

In this article, Tim Harle describes recent developments around second chair leadership. It is written as much for those occupying the ‘first chair’ as for those in the second chair, which Readers might be expected to occupy. Click here to … Read More

Psalms for all ages

The Psalms speak deeply to people who have known them all their lives, but how can we enable children and young people to become familiar with this treasure trove of prayer? Rona Orme has some suggestions. Click here to read … Read More

Encouraging ways of praying

Not everyone finds prayer easy. Perhaps that is because not everyone understands how many different ways there are to pray. Gertrud Sollars has some advice for helping others to grow in prayer. Read the full article here.