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Lent Books: Saying Yes to Life

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2020

Genesis chapter 1, the first of the Bible’s creation narratives, provides the structure for this important book – a wide-ranging guide to environmental concerns for Christians, and a challenge to the world-wide church. The six core chapters are each based on a short text from Genesis 1: for example, ‘Let there be light…let the waters teem with living creatures…let us make humankind in our image…and so on.’  

The book brings the themes of light, water, plant life, seasonal change, all living creatures and Sabbath Day rest into a modern Christian perspective, and makes a strong case for concerted environmental action by Christians. It is particularly telling that the author emphasizes and illustrates her themes with many examples from the Third World, for this is where global warming and climate change will have the greatest impact; and thus the responsibility of the western nations to meet the challenge is all the greater.

We must be grateful to Ruth Valerio, who is a Director of Tearfund, for sharing her vast experience and theological expertise in this rewarding book. All the royalties will support Tearfund’s work in the developing world.

Reviewed by Peter Clough

Saying Yes to Life

Ruth Valerio

SPCK £9.99 pbk


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