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More than 20 book reviews in each issue

What’s inside Transforming Ministry?

Topical, practical and encouraging. Challenging subjects explored with wisdom and sensitivity.
The Revd Helen Bent

Head of Ministerial Training, Royal School of Church Music with Praxis

Be inspired, informed and transformed!
Kirsty Anderson

Reader, Southwark Diocese

Be inspired
Read interviews with others working in the frontline, articles with practical ideas that you can use in your own context that will nurture your ministry and increase its impact.

Be informed
Every issue features a wide range of contemporary topics in ministry from safeguarding and pastoral care to spirituality and preaching. Keep up-to-date with all the latest book reviews.

Be transformed
Christian ministry is being transformed as we recognise and value the complementarity of lay and ordained ministers working together. Let you and your ministry be transformed.

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Theology and pastoral care to spirituality and preaching


from the editor

As a Licensed Lay Minister and a professional editor, I was thrilled to be given the chance to edit Transforming Ministry magazine. It is a wonderful way of being in touch with a network of people who live their faith – and write about it. I hope you enjoy reading their contributions as much as I do.

Transforming Ministry (formerly The Reader) is a resource for Readers, Licensed Lay Ministers, and anyone else in ministry who wants to keep growing and improving in that role. It is a vehicle for sharing good practice and encouraging each other, as well as for learning.

There are four issues of the magazine every year.

Each issue has a special theme, which accounts for about a third of the content.

Themes fall into four broad categories:


Every issue contains at least as many feature articles on other topics as well as book reviews, news from the Central Readers’ Council and updates on policy and other developments.

There is space to share your views – contributions and discussion are actively encouraged.

Richenda Milton-Daws – Editor

Contributors are generous in describing their own innovative ministry. This article is from a Reader who provides a chaplaincy service in her local health centre.

Tina Cumberlege – Licensed Lay Minister in Winchester Diocese.

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The ‘Book pages’ are an important feature, and include extracts and author interviews as well as plenty of reviews.

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Future Themes

Future themes


The themes for 2020 are (in order):


  • Walking with the wounded
  • Prayer
  • Working with others
  • Apocalyptic writings



In 2021, we will cover:


  • Concern for the environment
  • Creative approaches to worship
  • Wisdom literature
  • Sunday to Saturday faith



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