Could you be an LLM?

What is a Licensed Lay (Reader) Minister ?

A Licensed Lay (Reader) Minister is a lay person who, following a call from God, is trained and licensed by the Anglican Church to teach the faith, enable mission and lead in church and society.

Licensed Lay Ministers

Licensed Lay (Reader) Ministers are uniquely equipped to enable Christians to live out their Christian faith in the places where they spend the majority of their time.  As people who daily move between the worlds of work, home, social networks and church, Licensed Lay Ministers can teach the faith and play a part in leadership such that all God’s people grow in confident and humble witness to God’s kingdom. This ministry involves working together with an incumbent. It can also include pastoral care, funeral ministry, and involvement in many other aspects of leadership in church and society.


Could it be you?

We need skilled teachers who will live the story of faith, communicate the story in the 21st century, and accompany people as they explore the full implications of becoming part of the story.  Licensed Lay Ministers are ideally placed to meet this need – is this what God is calling you to? Discover the process below:

What’s the process of becoming an LLM?

The process is unique to each diocese, but it always starts with a personal sense of God’s calling to become a Licensed Lay (Reader) Minister. Training usually takes 2-3 years, depending on your diocese, and will follow the four steps detailed below. 

The four steps:

Contact a Diocese

Once you have explored your calling, you should contact your local diocese, usually the Warden of Readers (see below for contact details for dioceses). There will usually be a further time of exploration and verification of your calling to LLM ministry through meetings, completion of an application, and an interview process.

Start your Training

If at the end of this you are affirmed in your calling, then training will begin at the next available date – normally in the autumn. Training is part-time, and your Warden of Readers will be able to give you more information about training in your diocese.

Become Licenced

At the end of this time, if you meet all the diocesan requirements for becoming a Licensed Lay Minister, you are formally licensed by your Bishop and begin your journey in this exciting and dynamic ministry.

Continue Lifelong Learning

Your learning will continue after your licensing, in your diocese and beyond. The CRC will provide regular training opportunities in order to develop and nurture your ministry.

Find your Diocese

The first step on your journey is to contact your local Warden of Readers. Coming soon you will be able to use the button on your right to find out who to speak to, and get started.

We desperately need skilled teachers, who will live God's story, tell the story and accompany people as they explore the full implications of becoming part of the story.

Rt Revd Martyn Snow (Bishop of Leicester)