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Here you can find a selection of articles, reviews and content based on the three strands of Licensed Lay Ministry: Teaching the Faith, Leading in Church and Society, and Enabling Mission. You will also find information about Transforming Ministry magazine, as well as book reviews and future events.

Your Reflections: Sally Kerson

Sally Kerson is an LLM in the benefice of Ampworth, Chilworth and North Baddesley in the Diocese of Winchester, she sent her reflections on these uncertain times through our contact form- available on any page of the website. The Prime

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Your Reflections: Raylia Chadwick

Raylia Chadwick is the Reader Emeritus and Hon. Chaplain of Manchester Cathedral, she sent her reflections on these uncertain times through our contact form- available on any page of the website. It is an idyllic spring day in the garden,

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Church of England Webinars

The Church of England have created a series of free webinars to offer practical ideas for Church leaders at a local level in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. They hope the sessions will provide access to individuals, information and resources

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Everybody Welcome Online

CPAS have put together some material to help contact, welcome, minister to and integrate the large numbers of people accessing online church materials.

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What are the 3 strands of Licensed Lay Ministry?

Strand One

Teaching the Faith

The teacher of the Christian faith is facilitating a process which leads the learner (disciple) to the point of seeing the whole world as God sees it. This is about bringing out the colour, the richness, and the texture such that we can truly appreciate the “fulness of life” which Jesus came to bring.

Teaching the Faith
Enabling Mission
Strand tWO

Enabling Mission

The calling of every local church is to form and build, sustain and support men and women of influence whose task is nothing less than reshaping and transforming the world. And Readers and Lay Ministers are uniquely placed to enable this work.

Strand tHREE

Leading in Church and Society

Teaching the faith and enabling mission in the everyday are key aspects of leading God’s church. Together they shape individuals and communities. Many Readers and Lay Ministers also exercise leadership in society as well as church - leadership roles come in many different shapes and sizes.

Leading in

Book Reviews

Book Review: Resourcing Sunday to Saturday Faith

Bishop Martyn, Bishop of Leicester, has authored this excellent and visionary booklet, outlining the vision for Licensed Lay Ministry in the future. It focuses on the three strands of Teaching the Faith, Enabling Mission and Leading in Church and Society.

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Everyday Faith

by Nick Shepherd, Mark Greene & Rachel Treweeke Subtitled ‘Reflections and prayers to help you find and follow God in everyday life’, this attractive little booklet ‘does what it says on the tin’. It is a programme of prayer covering

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Transforming Ministry magazine

Transforming Ministry is the Central Reader Council’s quarterly magazine (formerly called ‘The Reader’). 


Transforming Ministry magazine includes articles on a theme for the issues authored by LLMs and lay and ordained theologians.


There are also updates on the renewal of Licensed Lay Ministry across England and Wales, and articles written by LLMs about their ministry in their churches and communities.

This publication is highly recommended for all LLMs, Readers and others involved in lay ministry. To find out more please visit our dedicated magazine site. 

A range of Reader badges are available to buy from our online store

Increasingly we need to recognise that since the goal is to prepare people for whole life discipleship, then the whole of life can be a context for learning

Rt Revd Martyn Snow (Bishop of Leicester)