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A Good Year

Author Ed. Mark Oakley
Publisher SPCK £9.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780281077038

An imaginative look at the church’s seasons, ably edited and introduced by Mark Oakley. The book began as a series of talks given at St Paul’s Cathedral on what constitutes a ‘good’ season: not just the changing colour of the altar frontal, but a fruitful exploration of each part of the Christian year. Seven bishops (Sarah Mullally, Rowan Williams, Libby Lane, Justin Welby, Stephen Cottrell, Stephen Conway and Karen Gorham) provide meditations for the varying times and seasons. Inevitably, some are better written than others: the poetic force of Williams rather shows up Lane and Mullally; Welby is superbly pragmatic and down to earth; Cottrell is surprising and original. Conway relies on the reader’s knowledge of various artworks (not reproduced) which is a slight limitation. A useful book to give to an enquirer or new Christian unfamiliar with the shape of the church year. The book might also be useful for a discussion group.




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