About us

The Central Readers’ Council (CRC) is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). We work closely with the Ministry Division of the Church of England and its counterpart in the Church in Wales. We enable and support the 8,000 Readers (LLMs) in England and Wales to develop their ministry and we aim to be a resource for all authorised lay ministers.

The Board of Trustees and a Council of Reference meet regularly. There are also working groups which oversee particular aspects of our work such as the magazine and our education and training materials. Discover more about the governance of the Central Readers’ Council on the “Who we are” page of the site. Click here for more information.

Transforming Ministry magazine

Our quarterly magazine ‘Transforming Ministry’, is available in both print and digital formats. This excellent publication, includes news, articles by members of the CRC, and theological articles following a theme for each issue. There are also several book reviews pages which are archived for digital subscribers. It is an essential resource for information, learning and reflection for all ministers.

Digital back-copies and extra articles are available to all digital subscribers.
Many dioceses have subscriptions for all their Readers (LLMs). You can also take out an individual subscription

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Transforming Ministry Learning Resources

We produce, and also host and signpost to, learning modules and materials for lay ministers to enhance and complement existing training provided through dioceses.

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Grants for ministry development

We administer the Adams-Myland fund, which gives grants for ministry development. Readers (LLMs) can apply for funds to support their ongoing education and training at an accredited institution.

The application form and process are here.

Conferences and events



Building on the success of last year’s event, we have repeated the formula, but added a second strand with an afternoon forum. This will be interactive and held on Zoom. There will be a limited number of places for the afternoon, so places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. If you want to attend the afternoon session, you will need to complete a separate booking, so please follow both links below. Please note that the afternoon session will build on the morning one, since it will assume you’ve listened to the whole morning and want to find out more or to explore the theme in more depth.


To book for the morning session, follow this link:
Additionally, if you want to attend the Zoom event in the afternoon, please follow this link:




3 strands of Reader (LLM) ministry


Teaching the Faith


Teachers of the Christian faith aim both to ‘tell the story’ and to help people see how that story has relevance for the lives they lead today. We teach about the unconditional love of God as shown in the life and death and resurrection of Jesus so that our learners may some to experience that love for themselves and be transformed by it in their everyday lives


Enabling mission
in the everyday


Our faith is not just something for Sundays and inside churches. The call of the Gospel is to go out and transform the world: to feed the hungry, heal the broken, to bring justice and mercy, to spread the good news. Readers (LLMs) and lay ministers of all kinds are uniquely placed to enable this work in their everyday jobs and contexts.


Leading in Church
and Society


Many Readers (LLMs) and other lay ministers also exercise leadership in their roles in society as well as church – leadership roles come in many different shapes and sizes. When we have these responsibilities we are in a position to shape individuals and communities. The nature of our ministry means that we can become models of collaborative leadership, drawing on the gifts of all around us, so everyone can flourish.

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