From the editor

As a Reader (LLM) and a professional editor, I was thrilled to be given the chance to edit Transforming Ministry magazine. It is a wonderful way of being in touch with a network of people who live their faith – and write about it. I hope you enjoy reading their contributions as much as I do.

Transforming Ministry (formerly The Reader) is a resource for Readers (LLMs), and anyone else in ministry who wants to keep growing and improving in that role. It is a vehicle for sharing good practice and encouraging each other, as well as for learning.

There are four issues of the magazine every year. Each issue has a special theme, which accounts for about a third of the content. Themes fall into four broad categories:





Every issue contains at least as many feature articles on other topics as well as book reviews, news from the Central Readers’ Council and updates on policy and other developments.

There is space to share your views – contributions and discussion are actively encouraged.

Richenda Milton-Daws – Editor

Future Themes

In 2022, we will cover:


Continuing education and personal development

Our preparation for ministry doesn’t end when we are licensed. We need to be open to continual learning and growth in order to stay relevant, fresh and engaged with the world around us. This issue will explore issues and opportunities that help us do exactly that as well as hearing about some ways individuals have risen to the challenge.


Acts and Epistles

The season between Easter Day and Pentecost is a joyous one when we hear stories of the early Church. So, for an issue that comes out at the beginning of this season, focus on the Acts of the Apostles, and how best to preach on this remarkable book, will take centre stage. Contributors will
also look at Epistles written not
by Paul, but by other leaders of these churches.




Serving others is an important aspect of any ministry. Like their ordained colleagues, many lay ministers are called to serve as chaplains in a specific context. In this issue we will hear about some of the different fields where chaplaincy is important, and where particular qualities and pastoral gifts can have a profound effect on the people around us.


All are welcome

How welcoming are we in
our church buildings, and how
do we model inclusive behaviour for our congregations? This issue will look at how we respond as people of God to everyone, and what barriers may be preventing people from feeling part of the church family. Issues such as
race, gender, sexuality,
disability, poverty and age
will be considered.



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