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Abiding Grace

Author Rupert Bristow
Publisher Kevin Mayhew £11.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781848678699

This collection of just over two hundred prayers, all of the author’s own composition, is intended for use, as the sub-title suggests, ‘later in life’. Many of the themes address issues of later life, such as retirement, funerals, loneliness, heart attacks and dementia, but there are also prayers of thanksgiving for the blessings which life has conferred. I certainly didn’t expect to encounter the word ‘stair-lift’ in a book of intercessions! The stance of the person praying varies from the subjective to the objective, and so the book could be used either in private prayers or in the context of a service. The book is printed in a large, clear font, to combat that other condition of later life: failing eyesight. Individual Christians will be able to use it in personal devotions and those who minister to older people will find it helpful in compiling intercessions. Just occasionally I found that the prayers lacked a final cadence and ended somewhat abruptly. Sadly this will be Rupert Bristow’s last book,
as he passed away in November after a
short illness.




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