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Acts – A Commentary (The New
Testament Library)

Author Carl A. Holladay
Publisher WJK Books £60
Format hbk
ISBN 9780664262815

This is an extensive commentary, over 600 pages long, but quite readable despite its length. It is, however, one that is intended for the theological student rather than the general Christian reader. It considers that the author of Acts, whom Holladay does not consider to be a former companion of Paul, had access to some historical documents of the early church as well as traditions concerning Paul and others. Holladay treats Acts as a historical novel with the text shaped more by the Septuagint, by literary tradition, and by the author’s evangelistic intent than as a historical record. As a result, one ends up with a history of the early church where it is unclear as to what might actually have happened. This is an academic commentary concentrating on literary style over devotional content.


New Testament Commentary



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