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At home in Advent

Author Gordon Giles
Publisher BRF £8.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780857469809

This book invites us to take Advent and the Christmas seasons seriously. By using a number of meditations based on commonplace articles like traffic lights, burglar alarms and even Christmas jumpers, Gordon Giles unlocks the meanings of the story that shapes the time of year. This is a well-written book, which includes prayers and practical actions for the reader to undertake during the month it is based around. These are challenging and helpful. He provides questions that can be used by home or other study groups. The book has a definite context, having been written during the tight lockdown of early2020, which makes it even more relevant. We have all become far more acquainted with our own houses, the commonplace, and a book that seeks to see the spiritual significance of this is therefore most valuable. The author tackles issues of expectation, waiting, mortality and hope as well as celebrating the joy of the incarnation and the salvation that Jesus brought. This is a first class read and a valuable aid for the Advent and Christmas seasons.

Reviewed by CAVAN WOOD

Advent, Reflection


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