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Religious Violence

Authors Richard Burridge & Jonathan Sacks (eds.)
Publisher SCM £25
Format hbk
ISBN 9780334057130

The papers in this volume derive from a conference convened in 2017 at King’s College London by Richard Burridge (Dean of KCL) and the former Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks. The book addresses a major issue of our time, namely that of violence committed in the name of religion, and the necessity of developing a counter-narrative to bring about peace and understanding. It stresses the need to develop an appreciation of those whom we consider to be ‘Other’ and of creating an atmosphere of mutual inter-dependence. The contributors, who are drawn from a wide range of academic disciplines (including theology, philosophy, science and law), offer various explanations for religious violence – psychological, political, economic, even climate change and population movement – all of which are worthy of consideration. Case studies and the outline of training courses also offer practical examples of methods of developing mutual understanding. Individual statements often give pause for thought and the whole volume asks the reader to consider what steps are necessary to bring about peace and understanding between groups and individuals whose opinions conflict with our own. The highly academic language of this book will demand the reader’s full attention, but the issues discussed are vital in confronting the religious violence so prevalent in today’s world.


Peace Studies, Interfaith


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