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Dangerous Prayer

Author Darren Cronshaw
Publisher Paternoster £14.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781842279762

The author believes that prayer should not be escapist, or just about changing ourselves, but missional – motivating us to seek to change the world in the direction of God’s kingdom. He provides a verse by verse exposition of the Lord’s Prayer to show how this can happen. We are challenged to be part of the answer to our prayer, and to be careful what you wish for. He argues that to ask for our daily bread is to desire to subvert the global economy. Praying for the kingdom questions political manifestos. To seek forgiveness is to work for truth and reconciliation. It is slightly repetitive in places but there are many helpful anecdotes and references to films. Although the author is evangelical, he quotes with approval catholic, orthodox and liberal theologians. With journaling exercises, discussion questions and references to video clips, it could stimulate
a course on prayer.


Prayer, Mission


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