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Deep Calls to Deep

Author Tony Horsfall
Publisher BRF £8.99
Format pbk (second edition)
ISBN 9781800390669

This exploration of the Psalms feels fresh and current for today’s world. There is a mix of thoughtful information about background, authorship and history, helpful analysis of the different types of psalms in the Bible collection, and stories. As a Christian who has read the Psalms (and books on the Psalms) many times, I was pleased with the fresh insight this book offers. The author considers seven Psalms in some depth, in order to show the different types and spiritual significance. I found the study of Psalms 69 and 88, ‘from the depths’, particularly helpful to understanding how God still loves us when it feels he is absent.

The chapters are interspersed with life-stories from real people which illustrate the message and ground the book in reality. Horsfall’s style is concise and intelligent without being academic. I read it as an inspirational book, but it would be a great resource for small-group study for Lent over several weeks. Each chapter has well-thought ideas for discussion. I recommend it for individuals and groups.

Reviewed by HOWARD ROWE



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