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Defusing the Sexuality Debate

Author Mark Vasey-Saunders
Publisher SCM £25
Format pbk
ISBN 9780334063544

This book makes the case that current conflicts over sexuality are symbolic of deeper disagreements over the place of Christianity in the modern world. The author is an Anglican priest working as a tutor at St Hild College. Although he identifies as evangelical, the book is not defensive and provides an honest critique of the evangelical perspective concerning the sexuality debate. The book aims to help defuse a debate that the author claims has become corrosive to the spiritual health of all those caught up in it, on both sides. It tries to unpick exactly what it is we are arguing about and why it has aroused such passionate intensity. The suggestion is made that the pressing ethical question before us is not actually the question of sexuality itself, but the question of how we live together as brothers and sisters in Christ, with disagreements. This is a scholarly, yet accessible, book which makes a positive contribution to the current battle between progressives and conservatives over the sexuality debate; I recommend it.


Advent, Nativity


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