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Disappointment, Doubt and other Spiritual Gifts

Author Mark Yaconelli
Publisher SPCK £9.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780281076505

Don’t buy this collection of stories unless you are prepared for challenge – it’s powerful! Written in a modern, accessible style, its ten chapters explore different areas of personal loss and darkness: the stuff we all experience from time to time but try to hide. Each chapter centres round a compelling, parable-like story and concludes with searching questions and helpful actions (spiritual exercises.) Perhaps if Jesus wrote a book he might have done it this way: letting the story speak for itself, creating a safe space to confront dark issues, move through pain, encounter God’s grace and reach towards love. I particularly appreciated Prayer Service Disaster (Gift of Disappointment) and The Dark Night, including Mother Teresa’s story. Much material here would be useful to Readers: emotive illustrations for talks; insights for pastoral ministry; instructions for spiritual exercises. Above all, it’s about grace, hope and life. Recommended.


Spirituality narratives


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