Book Reviews

Espying Heaven

Author Adrian Barlow
Publisher Lutterworth £20.00  2019
Format hbk
ISBN 9780718894641

Sub-titled ‘the stained glass of Charles Eamer Kempe and his artists’ this beautifully illustrated volume in itself provides a vibrant window into the work of this eminent artisan and team of creative colleagues. The development of the Kempe style and subsequent work of the company formed in his name is described comprehensively from many angles: style, technique, themes, and subjects – especially gathering examples describing the life of Christ. There is a chapter about the artistic connection between Kempe and George Herbert (hence the title). All is accompanied by fine photographs of complete windows alongside many details not readily seen from usual vantage points. Within its pages subtly lies an overview of the world of stained glass during its late nineteenth century popularity into the changing world of artistic demands and financial restraint following the Great War. This volume will draw the more general reader into a kaleidoscopic and accessible narrative on the wonder of the play of light in our aisles and pews as the sun makes its daily rounds, and perhaps cause us to pause and look again at the mastery of our stained glass windows.

Art; Stained Glass


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