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Everyday conversations with Matthew

Author John Holdsworth
Publisher SCM £12.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780334057468

This small paperback is attractively presented and contains a wealth of background information as well as an impressive depth of theological understanding. The author puts the case for Matthew despite the fact that his appeal to the modern reader is perhaps less than that of the other gospels. To advance his cause he draws on a number of real conversations: each chapter is preceded by a pen portrait of a typical 21st century enquirer and the author angles his approach to address their concerns. The reader, who could be an individual or a group member, is made to think with ‘To Do’ suggestions at regular intervals. I found this the least appealing aspect of the book as the questions often failed to resonate. And can a ‘Twitter follower’ really be compared to a disciple of Jesus? However, for an easy to read and scholarly reflection on the contents of Matthew’s gospel this book is to be recommended.


New Testament Analysis


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