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Follow the Star Join the Song

Author Richard Carter
Publisher CHP
Large print   –  £2.00
Pack of 10 –  £8.50
Pack of 50 –  £37.50
Format pbk
ISBN 9781781404362

This little booklet is introduced by our Archbishops, Justin Welby and Stephen Cottrell. At one level it is a simple reminder of our traditional Christmas narrative, but it also encourages reflection on the eternal significance of the season. At the stable door we, ‘…come into the presence of Jesus Christ – a relationship which begins at Christmas but lasts forever.’

There are twelve reflections, beginning on Christmas Eve and ending on the eve of Epiphany. The author, Richard Carter has produced fresh, original ideas with biblical references which blend the well-known Christmas narratives (e.g., Luke 2:1-7, John 1:1-14) with passages such as 1 Kings 19:11-12, Phil. 2:5-11, John 3:16-21, which are not always read during the Christmas season. The reflections helpfully remind us of the wider implications of the incarnation and our feelings at this time of year. It is a season when the Christian religion permeates all our actions yet is too readily ignored by the secular world. These reflections will help redress the balance and should prove useful for members of congregations, especially those who come at Christmas but otherwise seldom attend. This could be the ideal gift for each family at a Christingle or crib service.




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