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Franciscan Footprints

Author Helen Julian
Publisher BRF £8.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780857468116

Subtitled ‘Following Christ in the ways of Francis and Clare’, the main protagonists are of course these two founders of Franciscan spirituality. Much more than this, the book covers a breadth of experience down the
years and across all walks of human life. Each chapter brings us examples lived out from the 13th century to modern times: the lives of mystics, martyrs, missionaries and many more. Each chapter ends with questions, causing us not only to reflect on the ways and situations of these holy people, but equally importantly on our own. The final chapter is titled ‘The witness of life: simply living’. Here are the ordinary people. Any lingering doubts we may have had about where we could fit in are dispelled. This is a truly inspirational book on many levels. We see so many times where a life truly devoted to God, and given the right encouragement on the way, can lead. And through it all we have the words of Francis himself in our heads. The importance of discerning and carrying out in our lives:
‘May Christ teach you what is yours (to do)’.

Monastic spirituality


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