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God Made the Dinosaurs

Author Michael & Caroline Carroll
Publisher SPCK £11.75
Format hbk
ISBN 9780281082964

Children are fascinated by dinosaurs. This book for 7 to 9-year-olds is packed with information about the different species and their discovery. Older children and adults will find fascinating facts about the origin of life on Earth and evolution explained in simple terms. We meet the people who made the discoveries and the scientists who have interpreted them. The authors show how a knowledge of the wonders of God’s creation adds to our understanding of his inherent nature. Short prayers and biblical quotations are interspersed with the text which is superbly illustrated. A glossary is included as well as a timeline of dinosaur history in the end papers. This book may inspire children to want to become scientists themselves. It introduces the problem of climate change and the need for continuous research if future generations are to care for God’s creation. I asked two of my grandchildren for their opinion. Amity, 10, was interested in reading about species of dinosaurs and the different eras. Ben, 11, thought it would appeal to slightly younger children but nevertheless said it taught him ‘a lot about the world before humans’.


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