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God with Us

Author Rowan Williams
Publisher SPCK £8.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780281076642  2016

This is a series of five talks and a short sermon, edited and collated into a book on ‘The meaning of the cross and resurrection – then and now’. Williams encourages us to ‘put out into deep water’. It is a Tardis – small on the outside (106pp), but revealing depth and breadth on reading. I found that Williams regularly took me through what I knew into new vistas of what I didn’t know, shedding light, deepening the background and making new connections. Clarity is a hallmark. I found the book yielded yet more on a second reading and will, no doubt, take me even further the next time. The chapters are self-contained, so it is a good book for busy people. Chapters finish with questions for ‘reflection or discussion’; some of these are quite searching and encourage personal engagement beyond the academic enquiry – useful for a series of Lent studies where members are willing to delve deep.


Doctrine, Spirituality


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