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Here’s Hope

Author Roy Crowne
Publisher Hope Together £5.00
Format pbk
ISBN 9781739739447

This book is written in a ‘magazine-style’ format with photographs and poster-type quotes interspersed in the text. Crowne recounts his spiritual journey of Christian service, culminating in the foundation in 2006 and subsequent development of ‘Hope Together’, a mission agency to energise the church in her outreach through acts of service in local communities. The book’s 10 chapters cover the life of Hope Together through these initiatives prompted by the leading of the Holy Spirit. For Crowne, relationships are key – he rightly sees the need for church leaders to develop relationships of trust and fellowship with each other, both nationally and locally. This enables the growth of an entrepreneurial outreach in church communities and their environment. These are often in response to national celebrations in a rapidly changing and challenging post-Christian society. Each chapter ends with 10 brief sentences pointing the way forward. ‘The heartbeat of HOPE is the heartbeat of mission…seeing communities in churches and churches in communities…filled with joy, peace and trust in God’. All this expressed by acts of love and service. A book to inspire and challenge us.




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