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Holding on to Hope:
40 days of God’s encouragement
through art and reflections

Author Amy Boucher Pye and Leo Boucher
Publisher BRF £12.99
Format hbk
ISBN 9781800392007

This is a beautiful book in so many ways! The binding is tactile and eye-catching, and the pages are a delight to turn. The small, hardback artistic cover immediately attracts our attention.

For each of forty days we have a painting to absorb, an accompanying reflection and a relevant prayer. There are also questions for further thought, and for possible discussion if the book is used in a group situation.

Six topics are divided mainly on a weekly basis, covering creation, agriculture, God’s promises, his help, how he changes people and brings new life in Christ. All is enveloped in faith, hope, love and joy as we are taken on a journey filled with personal snippets, historic moments, and biblical references.

In a world where so many are weary and burdened, this lovely book brings encouragement for rest and renewal in God’s love and care.

The talents of a father and daughter partnership are richly displayed as Amy Boucher Pye brings imagery through carefully chosen words, and Leo Boucher through his illuminating artwork. The two combine to knit together the concept of a God who reaches out to us and longs for us to reach out to Him in return.

Holding on to Hope seeks to be an inspiration for God’s voice to be heard in a troubled world and to bring a sense of peace and security. Let us pray it does just that, becoming a treasured companion for all who delve into its pages.

Reviewed by BETTY TAYLOR



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