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Into the Heart of Advent

Author Penelope Wilcock
Publisher SPCK £7.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780281084449

Have you ever imagined a personal conversation with Jesus – a time to speak about your inner concerns and to hear his response? We know from the gospels that anyone who spoke with Jesus, whether questioning his authority or pleading for help, was invariably surprised – for conversations with Jesus usually changed people’s lives for ever. As the title suggests, this welcome book draws us into the heart of Advent by using a series of twenty-five reflections based on such imagined conversations with Jesus. Homes and hospitality, the rich pageant of family life, its turmoil and its joys, the daily concerns of life – all are thoughtfully covered alongside the spiritual mysteries of our faith. This is a different kind of devotional reading which brings out the meaning of Advent for our daily lives and fills us with hope during these dark and difficult days. In short, this is an imaginative and helpful book for Advent 2020, and one that I can heartily recommend.

Reviewed by KATE BURTON

Advent, Devotional


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