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John Stott and The Hookses

Author David Cranston (Ed)
Publisher Words by Design  £15.00
Format hbk
ISBN 9781909075542  2017

This unusual and interesting coffee-table book, compiled by David Cranston (a Reader in the Oxford Diocese) with contributions from John Stott, Chris Wright and Monty Barker, recounts the discovery, acquisition and development of the isolated Pembrokeshire coastal retreat of the late John Stott at Dale. Until reading this book, I had not realised that Stott’s much publicised love of birds had arisen when, as a schoolboy, his older sister Joy had thrown a cushion that totally destroyed his butterfly collection; from that time, birds were in the ascendancy. The book is well illustrated with the author’s photographs as well as those taken from Stott’s collection, documenting the progressive expansion and renovation of the property into the current small retreat and writing centre. Links with the local community, the wider evangelical fellowship and in particular with Frances Whitehead, John Stott’s secretary over many years, are explored. A fascinating book, one for the Christmas list.


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