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Just Mission: Practical Politics for Local Churches

Author Helen Cameron
Publisher SCM Press £19.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780334052296

There are clearly two approaches (at least) to tackling injustice in our society. One is the large-scale attack on the systemic failings that lead to inequality and poverty, which we might believe should be the focus of the national church, e.g. through the presence of Bishops in the House of Lords; the other is the local – which is the focus of Cameron’s helpful and thought-provoking book. She offers practical advice on how to understand what is happening and then what to do about it. In that sense her book might be what you need if your church is already embroiled in dealing with an issue for your community. But the book is also designed to help people recognise sources of injustice before too much damage has been done, and to raise awareness of effective routes to action so that valuable time and energies are not wasted on remedial measures that are never going to work.

Cameron’s book can also be used as a study guide for churches who have not yet ventured into the stormy seas of local action and who wish to prepare themselves for the fray, or who are interested and have not yet focused their thinking on any one particular issue. The text is sprinkled with references to other helpful resources, including websites and organisations.


Mission, Social Policy


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