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Leadership to the Limits

Author Peter Shaw
Publisher Canterbury Press £12.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781786221742

Leaders come in all walks and sizes, but have they been trained? Are they self-aware? Do they empower, disappoint or delight? Shaw offers us sound, trusted and tried coaching advice which will help both appointed leaders and informal, part-time ones. As Readers we all lead in some ways. For instance Shaw invites leaders to balance freedom and responsibility by accepting limitations to their own freedom and enabling others to grow in exercising theirs. His refreshingly clear, jargon-free, ‘to the limits’ emphasis takes us beyond job descriptions and tasks expected of us: to saying ‘no’ with a smile; to sitting both lightly and seriously to responsibilities; and to avoiding the blame game. He introduces six leaders in contrasting jobs in brief case studies, sprinkled across his text. Only one of these is a church leader but this has advantages: we can breathe more freely and explore within a richer field of theory and experience. Follow-on ideas have resonated such that I have decided to clarify what is expected of me and carefully check my ways 
of communicating.



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