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Let Everyone Find Their Voice

Author Lezley Stewart
Publisher Saint Andrew Press £14.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780715209844

Lezley Stewart’s intent in this useful book is to create a meaningful worship experience which – ‘when done well’ – leads the worshipper to ‘transformative encounters’ with God and with one another. Her approach is to ‘re-imagine’ the Psalms in a shared language for worship today, which the author explains is language that is relevant, and contemporary, inspired by the context in which we find ourselves. It is, she says, very much about today. The Psalms are presented in a thematic and metaphorical framework where the God within the text is revealed, rather than the text itself. So we have sections of Psalms under headings such as Refuge, Refreshment. Each Psalm is followed by questions for contemplation, suggestions for liturgy, and several ‘new’ Psalms. As Lezley Stewart intends, this is a book to encourage new expression and praise of God.


Psalms, Worship


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