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Living Well with God

Author Jo Acharya
Publisher Valley of Springs publishing £14.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781739927318

This is a delightful, instructive book providing Bible passages for people who find reading hard. It made me realise how inaccessible we sometimes make scripture. ‘Turn to Ephesians 3:17.’ Many people could not do that, so the book immediately shows you how – simply, without patronising. The author has planned this book well, essentially as a course on basic Christianity, using the Easy-to-Read Version of the Bible (ERV), and choosing topics to cover life’s problems, triumphs and hopes. The message is simple and evangelical, and each section is reinforced with discussion questions and sections for notes and self-reflection. Every page is studded with small, helpful images to illustrate the themes. Anyone who struggles with reading may grow as a Christian with this book, but I suspect it will be most effective with a committed leader. A guide for mentors is available for download from the author’s website, I recommend this book for all Christian communities who are serious about inclusion and making sure no one is perplexed by the Bible message.

Reviewed by KATE BURTON



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