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Loving my Neighbour: A Lenten Journey

Author Inderjit Bhogal, Joanna Collicutt, David Gregory, Ester Kuku, Sanjee Perera, Gemma Simmonds, John Swinton; and Olivia Warburton (ed.)
Publisher BRF £9.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781800392151

Of all Christian books, one of the most difficult to write effectively is a Lent book, but this group project is a very helpful guide to the Lenten season and the personal reflection it should invoke.

The book considers the topics of love: loving in truth, loving those who are vulnerable, loving those who are in suffering, loving oneself, loving those who are different, loving the world around us and finally loving to the end. It takes us on one of the most challenging of areas that we can truly love others who are not always lovable. As a collection of daily Bible readings and reflections, it draws upon story and the experience of the writing team to develop its ideas.

Despite having seven writers, it does cohere as a book, so credit goes to Olivia Warburton as the overall editor. It is important that we have little pen portraits of the writers so that we can understand a little of how they came to write and communicate in the way that they did. The use of Bible readings, reflections and prayers are useful. Personally, I would have included some questions which could be used by individuals and for home groups which could have made the text more directly influential on us as readers. The picture of the Palm Sunday entrance is not really a good summary of the wide-ranging nature of the text: if the focus had been more on Holy Week, then this might be appropriate.

This will be a good guide to help you through Lent and could be a good resource for a group during the season.

Reviewed by CAVAN WOOD



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