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Messy Easter

Author Jane Leadbetter
Publisher BRF £8.99 (new edition)
Format pbk
ISBN 9781800391703

If you don’t already do ‘Messy Church’, read the Page 1 summary of it is about. It is succinct and persuasive. If you do already do Messy Church, this re-issue of Messy Easter will add to the collection of resource books you probably have for planning your sessions. The ideas are arranged for the Messy Church elements: Bible-related crafts and activities; gathering for celebration and story; meal with conversation; and take-home suggestions. As the introduction says, this is a ‘pick n’ mix’ collection: you choose. You decide what will engage the interest of a very diverse potential group, and what might enable all to engage with Jesus in the Easter sequence of events. Would they be engaged by a version of Man the Lifeboats with Easter commands, or a Palm Sunday food activity making palm trees out of fruit? Would a simple Kim’s game version with objects to remember relating to the Easter story provoke reflection on the world-changing Easter events? The ideas for meal conversation prompt cards are particularly good: ‘Have you ever been tempted and found it hard to resist?’ or ‘Where is your favourite praying place?’. Also not to be neglected are the take-home ideas – encountering Jesus extends so much beyond any session in church.



Messy Church for Holy Week/Easter


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