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Mystical Theologian

Author Aidan Nichols
Publisher Gracewing  £14.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780852449042

This is a review and appraisal of the work of Vladimir Lossky, a giant of Orthodox theology in the 20th century. Nichols makes laudatory reference to Archbishop Rowan Williams and his D. Phil. thesis which focussed on Lossky’s work in the world of patristic scholarship and Russian religious thought. This study, by a leading Dominican scholar, highlights its spiritual approach and content. Lossky’s work is reviewed under a series of topic headings, including apophaticism, Meister Eckhart, fundamental theology, Trinity and Creation and Christology. Within each, Lossky’s writings are examined to understand the origins of the thinking and analysed with reference to the writings of the Fathers and other authorities. The comments are detailed and often technical. Though Orthodox theology and tradition have much to contribute to our understanding and practice of Christian life, this book is written by an academic primarily for other specialists. To appreciate and benefit from it fully readers may need a good familiarity with Lossky’s work, that of the early Fathers and of St. Thomas Aquinas.


Trinity, Eastern Orthodox