Poem of the Month – April

The poet Godfrey Rust writes about the Resurrection: ‘There is surely no more transforming moment in history! I’ve come to think that the heart of Easter was not about restoration from sin and failure, important though that is, but about sacrificial love leading to transformation into life of a kind that would never have been possible without it. God is love above all, and love changes everything – he chose this strange path because the greatest love has to sacrifice and risk everything – not to correct a mistake to get us back to a “perfect Eden” which may never have existed, but to bring about a new heaven and earth of a kind which could never have existed without such an act of sacrificial love. It seems that Mary was the first to see it!’

And here, reproduced with his permission, is his poem Mary:

And if you ask me what a Christian is
I’d say, not one who’s pure in word and deed,
or goes to all the Sunday services,
or says their prayers, or knows the proper creed,

but that one who would gladly give away
all that that they have now or have ever been
to stand between the dark tomb and the day
and know the moment of the Magdalene.



See more of his work at www.wordsout.co.uk

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