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Pope Francis and the Theology of the People

Author Rafael Luciani (tr. Phillip Berryman)
Publisher Orbis  £15.75
Format pbk
ISBN 9781626982529  2017

Luciani explores the origins of Pope Francis’ prophetic challenge to much of modern culture, arising from the ‘Theology of the People’, a type of liberation theology that insists on respect for the cultures of the poor and their popular religious expressions. The need is to transform societies from within and to create new ecclesial models (addressing inappropriate structures and sources of power). This is a scathing criticism of ‘the economy that kills’ and the loss of humanising bonds. Do not think that, because this thinking originates in Latin America, it is irrelevant to us – it is a call to the western Church and society, inviting us to live with greater simplicity and communal responsibility. If you want to understand where Pope Francis is coming from and to do some hard thinking about our assumptions regarding expressions of living the Gospel, especially our economic and power structures, then this book provides a springboard.


Liberation Theology


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