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Reflections for Daily Prayer Advent
2023-Eve of Advent 2024

Author Ally Barrett et al.
Publisher CHP £17.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781781403952

At the front of this volume of reflections is a poignant memorial notice – a tribute to Canon Anna Matthews, one of the contributors, who died tragically in March 2023, shortly after submitting her contributions.

If you have previously used this annual volume you will know its great value in providing a focus on one of the daily lectionary readings (Monday-Saturday) for Morning Prayer. It helps to give rigour and discipline to daily worship within the rhythms of Anglican liturgy. Having used these reflections now for several years, I find that most of them stay in your mind throughout the day, and the finest stay for ever to be frequently re-told or recycled within sermons and talks. Surveying the list of eminent writers who have contributed, I am confident that this year will be no exception. Malcolm Guite, Rachel Mann, Angela Tilby and Lucy Winkett are perhaps the most familiar names, but all the contributions that I scanned represented original and helpful wisdom. I turned, of course, to the late Anna Matthews’ reflections, which were all on 1 Kings or 2 Kings, noting how she had penetrated these Old Testament narratives with modern theological insight. The whole book reminded me of the richness of God’s eternal word in scripture and the wisdom that accumulates in the minds of his devoted servants. Used well, this book will magnify your lectionary year.

It is available as a book, an ‘App’ for Apple and Android devices, for kindles and ‘epub’ formats.




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