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Reimagining Britain

Author Justin Welby
Publisher Bloomsbury £16.99
Format hbk
ISBN 9781472946072

This important book argues powerfully that the current political uncertainties, the economic divisions and the general prevalence of cynicism throughout Britain require fundamental and practical action. The time is ripe for reimagining our future on a scale not seen since 1945. We need to generate better shared values and create communities which give hope for generations as yet unborn. After chapters considering the building blocks of our national society – health, education, housing, economics and finance – Welby presents a radical case for virtue. He argues for more positive foreign policies, wise and humane action on immigration and integration, and better progress in mitigating climate change. He draws, unsurprisingly, on our historic Christian heritage, and some of his best passages are inspired interpretations of Jesus’ parables. The Good Samaritan personifies the need for ‘active love in pursuit of our common humanity’ – a concept that should determine our public policies. Our Archbishop has produced a fertile series of ideas to provide foundations of hope. Although sometimes complex and densely argued, this book is highly recommended for all who long for a stronger Christian influence in British society.


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