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Retired and Inspired

Author Wendy Billington
Publisher BRF  £8.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780857467201

As a retired person, I read this book hoping to be inspired. Wendy Billington writes about retirement, its frustrations and opportunities, with care and imagination. The book’s two sections deal with ‘clearing weeds’ and ‘sowing seeds’, and address retirement, loss, fear, memories, change, relationships and living for the present. It is well-structured, understandable, bible-based, and rooted in an outlook of faith and support within the local church. Each of the ten chapters contains questions for group discussion and reflection, and there is a ‘thought for the day’ based on the fruit of the Spirit. It is good stuff, but it did not raise my own level of inspiration very much. I enjoyed Jim’s story, a chapter-by-chapter case-study of a likeable but fictitious person, and his journey through different retirement challenges. However, because Jim is fictitious, the story felt designed to bring out the points that the author wants the reader to consider. The book is written for Christians, and the level of writing is basic. It will suit those who are new to the journey of faith or discipleship, rather than those who have been on the road for rather longer. It would work well for a book club of newly retired people on the fringes of church life.




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