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Rowan Williams in conversation

Author Greg Garrett 
& Rowan Williams
Publisher SPCK £9.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780281083718

So much touched on so wisely but, of immediate relevance to Readers, are gems like the description of the sermon as a space for human engagement/flourishing – no pressure. Then, there is the burning question, ‘How do we rebuild world and church after a time of crisis?’ Answer: ‘When we find out what God is doing and join in’. This necessitates a listening to God (contemplation) that takes no more effort than sunbathing, but only happens if you turn up faithfully. There are penetrating exchanges on faith and politics and on the limits of utopian thinking. A conversation on poetry and the power of redemption in Shakespeare speaks not of happy endings but of ‘grace left dangling’. How can you engage with modern culture if you haven’t considered the theological implications of Doctor Who, vampire literature, Harry Potter? The exchanges close with the question, ‘What is saving your life today?’ These conversations are a rich
buffet of tasters leaving you to choose what
to engage with more deeply later.



Theology, Contemporary society


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