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Searching for
a Silent God

Author Sarah Parkinson
Publisher Sacristy Press  £8.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781789590388

This is Sarah Parkinson’s honest, detailed spiritual journey, punctuated by self-revealing poems. We follow her through conversion; education and career moves; marriage and childbirth; the stresses of becoming a clergy-wife and a significant bereavement. Through all the changes, she is conscious of God’s loving presence. The second half of the book describes how Sarah emerges from the ‘grey-fog’ of mourning only to realize that God has apparently deserted her. Faith says he is still around but, paradoxically, experience screams his absence. She can offer no explanations or solutions, hoping that her experiences and questions may be of help to others who are also finding it difficult to connect with God. This is a creative and well-written short book, touching on important issues of spiritual growth and times of darkness, and may be a great comfort to some. A more objective exploration of the God beyond the silence could have enriched the book further.


Poetry, Spirituality


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