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Seven Days to Freedom

Author John Dudley Davies
Publisher DLT £14.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9780232534856

Rarely is a book of a spiritual nature funny. This one made me laugh out loud in several places. For example, after quoting from material produced at the Walsingham Shrine which makes the point that all things are connected ‘even pilgrimage’, the author goes on to say that also connected are ‘scampi, aunts, trigonometry, eisteddfodau, Wing Commanders, urine, scalpels, semiquavers, USBs, magpies etc.’ That gives a flavour of the witty writing. Essentially, this is a series of sermons using the biblical creation stories, with a strong emphasis on the seventh day as a climax that brings all things together. This skilfully thought-provoking work relates the biblical text to present-day issues: coronavirus, the attempts by migrants to cross from Calais to Britain, and Archbishop Welby’s promotion of credit unions, amongst other issues. I cannot help feeling that this might make the book become dated rather quickly, because such questions will not necessarily assume great historical importance viewed retrospectively. Perhaps that does not matter to an author who is aged nearly 94. In the here and now, I loved this book.

Reviewed by ALAN WAKELY

Sermons; Creation


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