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Sheltering Saints:
living with the homeless

Author Roger Quick
Publisher DLT £9.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781913657680

This is an entertaining, amusing and challenging collection of brief anecdotes of Quick’s encounters with those who, through their homelessness, need the resources offered by St George’s crypt, Leeds. In his introduction, Quick recounts his own perilous descent through drink-related issues, into the underworld of the homeless. Decades later he returned as their Chaplain. This fast-paced, readable and moving account of his experiences with the folk who frequented the crypt during the pandemic is a wake-up call to for us all to consider our individual response to the ongoing problem of the homeless. The unseen presence of God’s guiding hand is evident in the way in which the author engages with those he meets on a daily basis – the ability to redirect their request for some tangible comfort to include something of eternal significance. The illustrations of the environment and clientele are a bonus to the narrative. A book to enjoy – and to make you rethink your attitude and response to rough sleepers. All royalties go to St George’s crypt.


Pastoral care


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