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Shrines of the Saints
in England and Wales

Author Michael Tavinor
Publisher Canterbury Press £19.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781848258426 (2016)

In the first part of his book Tavinor explores the history of the major shrines of medieval times, their influence on the life and spirituality of abbeys and cathedrals, and their destruction in the sixteenth century. Tavinor devotes the second part to the fate of the shrines post-Reformation and to their revival and restoration from the nineteenth century onwards as the Church of England rediscovered the lives of the saints. Cathedrals have thus become central once again to the mission of the church, attracting large numbers of ordinary people, who seek comfort, encouragement and a focus for prayer by visiting a holy place. In a postscript, surveys conducted at three restored shrines demonstrate how shrines are used today, and there is a helpful bibliography for those wishing to know more. This book reminds us that places associated with the saints are important as an aid to devotion. It may also inspire Readers in their work of energising the faith of others.


History, Pilgrimage


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