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Stewards of God’s Delight

Author Mark Clavier
Publisher Cascade Books £12.00
Format pbk

I had some real difficulties with this book because although there were excellent analogies of the spiritual life and our relationship with God, it always came back to a very fundamental view of Eden and our downfall affecting the whole planet. We live in a volatile world with moving tectonic plates resulting in disasters which cannot solely be linked to our distancing from God. Likewise our knowledge that some carnivore dinosaurs walked this planet before us does not easily fit with a harmonious creation until we came along. No explanation or alternative view was offered. As one who loves the natural world I could empathise with the author’s delight in the beauty of creation but it did leave unanswered questions. Based on talks given to ordinands, the author’s bias is to those primarily in a priestly role, so although it might provide useful study group material it has limited appeal for Readers.




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