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The Company of Heaven

Author Catherine Fox
Publisher Marylebone House (SPCK) £10.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781910674673

Those who have read her previous ‘Lindchester’ novels will relish this latest offering from the talented Catherine Fox. She creates beautifully drawn characters who (though they swear rather too much for the comfort of some) invariably show great compassion and true humanity against the depressing backdrop of the pandemic. Their full identity is found in Jesus Christ, despite their unconventional and occasionally bizarre lifestyles. Ultimately, this novel is about human vulnerability and this is primarily personified in the young, autistic, androgenous artist, Paver – a brilliant portrait of someone finding their way after deep personal tragedy. Fox writes with vivid prose, which is frequently hilarious, but also full of beautiful allusions to the natural world, to music, art and science. The text is studded with subtle biblical references, reminding readers that this is a religious work. The author’s wisdom shines through her principal theme – the weaknesses and strengths of our humanity. There is additional bonus material in the form of three short stories featuring the Lindchester characters, making this entertaining book excellent value for money: ideal reading for long autumn evenings.




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