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The gift of leadership: according to
the Scriptures

Author Steven Croft
Publisher Canterbury Press £9.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781848258655

True leadership is a difficult gift to define and systematise; and it is a relief that this slight book (92pp) despite its title, is not yet another volume that attempts to do so. Nevertheless, here are some valuable pages that will encourage, restore, and feed well those who find themselves both knowingly and surprised to be in such roles.

Rich in real-life experience and embedded well in scriptural example, Croft takes various characteristics of leadership (e.g. hope, pain, chaos, change, covenant etc.) and insightfully reflects on them in ways that will invoke further self-reflection.

Not a textbook then, but self-described as a ‘companion’ for the journey of leadership; a book to dip into and be deeply refreshed by when facing the challenges and joys of leadership – not only for those who exercise leadership in church situations, but enriching for all Christians who exercise such roles in their everyday living.




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