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The Gospel According to Luke

Author James R. Edwards
Publisher Eerdmans/Apollos £42.84
Format hbk
ISBN 9780802837356

This latest addition to the Pillar New Testament Commentary series is a most worthwhile acquisition for any preacher who is serious about trying to give a sense of the overall narrative shape and main themes of the third gospel. Edwards quotes the text of the NIV English translation, but there is frequent reference to the Greek text and an astonishing array of extra-biblical texts from the Nag Hamadi codices to Josephus, the Babylonian Talmud to Latin classical writings. Full author and subject indexes are strangely set off by only 3 pages of bibliography. However, bibliographies go out of date quickly and I will want to consult this book for many years to come. It is well written in an easy, lucid style, the scholarship balanced by fine imaginative insights. I was particularly struck by Edwards’ suggestion that, on the allegorical level the older brother whose younger sibling was so prodigal, is not just symbolic of the Pharisees, but a portrait of
Saul of Tarsus. The ending of the story is delayed on purpose, to be taken up again in
the Book of Acts.

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