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The Mindful Our Father

Author Thomas Casey
Publisher Messenger £11.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781788125796

Once it was widely expected that everyone could recite the Lord’s Prayer and mindfulness was not the buzz word it is now. Times have changed. We need to give back this prayer its priority and embrace it in a new way. The introduction of this highly readable book gives much food for thought about ways of praying mindfully and with love. We come to see that we need to move our petitions from head to heart. The rest of the text shows us how to do this with the Lord’s Prayer as our guide. A phrase from the prayer heads each of the ten chapters. That phrase is explored, allowing us to be drawn in by relevant stories from saints and ordinary mortals alike. Short prayers scattered throughout the text help guide us into our own deeper communication with our Lord. This book beautifully teaches us how to be open to God in prayer. If we allow ourselves to slow down and be open to the experience, we will be left with a new closeness to Our Father. A book to be savoured.

Reviewed by LIZ PACEY



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