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This Crown of Comfort

Author Eva Leaf
Publisher BRF £9.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781800392083

This book is written about women and primarily (but not exclusively) for women. It takes us chapter by chapter through the seven double imperatives (e.g., ‘comfort, comfort my people’) that God issues to a broken Jerusalem in the book of Isaiah. There is a progression through these calls: Comfort; Awake, rise up; Awake, get dressed; Depart; Build up; Pass through; Build up. Each chapter contains reflections on the Bible verses, alongside illustrations from the author’s personal experience and that of many others. We are blessed by being allowed to share in such powerful experiences and insights; and there is much practical advice about moving on. This is a book that addresses deep distress and needs and promises even deeper solutions and hope. In the reflections at the end of each chapter it becomes ‘close and personal’. We are encouraged to look deeply into our troubles and ourselves, to write our thoughts and reflect through the day. Whether we are hurting ourselves or seeking to share comfort with those around, there is plenty here to touch our hearts – as God touched Jerusalem.

Reviewed by LIZ PACEY

Biblical analysis


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