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Unorthodox: LGBT + Identity and Faith

Author Sean Richardson (ed.)
Publisher Five Leaves £7.99
Format pbk
ISBN 9781910170601

This book contains stories of fourteen people, all based in Britain, with a commitment to their own religious tradition and/or their relationship with God. They also share ‘unorthodox’ sexual or gender identities. They are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender – but many prefer to describe themselves as ‘queer’ – originally an abusive term for homosexual men but now used by people about themselves to signal their acceptance of being a sexual outsider. Their religious backgrounds vary – Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Jewish and Christian; but their stories have common themes. The struggle to accept an unorthodox nature often leads to depression and/or struggles to be ‘normal’ due to internalised hostility to queer people in their ‘orthodox’ communities. For those from ethnic minorities, racism and having a religion and culture also ‘unorthodox’ in the UK made their search for their true selves harder. And they all know that true self cannot ignore God or religion. This book tells how God does not abandon those who seek, from whatever nation, tribe, people or language – and however queer we are.




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